Anthony Ventresque


Research Interests

I have over 10 years of research experience and I currently work for the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero) in the University College Dublin (UCD) and for IBM Research Dublin. I am interested in understanding and designing efficient and effective large scale Distributed Systems, especially in the context of Distributed Simulations, the Cloud and (Big) Data engineering and analytics. In particular:

Professional Experience



Citations: 120 H-index: 6
30+ publications: 1 journal paper, 25+ conference & workshop papers, 6 in French. See DBLP and Google Scholar.

Teaching Activities

I have 12 years and 800+ hours of teaching experience (lectures/TA/labs) at Nantes, France, Singapore and Dublin, Ireland. I personally developed and delivered over 200 hours of unique lecturing, tutorial and lab sessions content.

Research Prototypes

I have designed and implemented several research prototypes among which:

Professional Service